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This blog is primarily intended to provide interesting tips on flyaway destinations for general aviation (light aircraft) pilots who would like to explore some of the remote and not so remote parts of Australia. I learned to fly in order to travel to far flung places all over the continent and soon after obtaining my private pilot licence (PPL) I stumbled on, and drew inspiration from, the website http://www.flyingtheoutback.com.au. “What a great idea” I thought, “and wouldn’t it be a good idea to share some of our experiences in a blog that others may also stumble on.” I started to record our journeys on Facebook and then after discovering WordPress I started documenting them here. There are plenty of Facebook sites like Plan Land and Stay https://www.facebook.com/groups/1672138986274400/user/100057369621481/ but I find it can be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack so thought it’d be good to have a more structured blog where people could search for items of interest more easily.

I’ve split the travel blogs into “destinations” and “happenings”. The former are longer trips to interesting spots around the country, from the tip of Cape York to Hobart to Uluru and Port Lincoln. The “happenings” are shorter day trips – mainly joy flights around south east Queensland. I also added a section on “training” for readers who may be interested in how I furthered my skills beyond the basic private pilot licence (PPL) and may inspire a few others to acquire an instrument rating or commercial pilot licence (CPL). Unfortunately I didn’t record the events leading up to my PPL as life was just too busy back then.

Lady Musgrave Island

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Sunrise over Noosa Heads

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