A quick flight to the Sunny Coast

On Wednesday 8th June 2022 Mike Cahill wanted to fly the short hop from Redcliffe to the Sunshine Coast (YBSU) to practise his procedures for flying in and out of the D-Class airport with its control tower. He was planning to pick up some friends there in a few weeks time and wanted to check where he should tell them to wait, how to gain access for them and how to deal with the new arrangements since runway 13/31 was constructed together with its new taxiways. He asked me to accompany him as an extra set of ears and eyes and provide advice based on the fact that I’d flown in there a couple of times since the new runway was commissioned. It was a perfect day and we flew up via Bribie Island, joined downwind for RWY13 and landed part way down, leaving less taxi distance to the exit ramp. Taxiing to the General Aviation apron to the south of the RPT apron we shut down, walked over to Gate 4 that he could use to let people in and then returned to the aircraft. We taxied out and did an intersection departure on RWY 13. Mike had spoken to the tower beforehand and arranged to do a left turn over the water after take off so that he could fly past the apartment block where his daughter and granddaughter live, to “waggle the wings” so to speak. We flew past, did a 180 and headed south again over water past Maroochydore and Caloundra and back to Redcliffe.

Maroochy River with RWY13 in background
Fly past the apartment blocks

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