Practice CPL Nav (cross country) flight

On February 16, 2021 I continued the preparation for my CPL test with a cross country (nav) exercise in VH ROC. We started with a dead reckoning leg (using compass, watch and map) from Redcliffe out to Eskdale homestead where we did some steep turns. Next there was more dead reckoning to Nanango with a precautionary search and 500ft and 200ft overfly. Then I donned the hood and flew on instruments for 12 minutes and carried out a lost procedure over Blackbutt. That was followed by a diversion to Kilcoy and on to the Glasshouse Mountains and Bribie Island for more steep turns and some stalls just below the clouds. Finally I did a couple of glide approaches into Redcliffe. Just under 3 hours in the air. Quite a challenge but it all went well.

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