Steep turns, stalls and forced landings

On February 22, 2021 I continued my CPL training with more air work as I progressed towards the CPL test. An instructor and I flew up to Bribie Island for a series of steep turns (60deg bank) then stalls (clean, approach configuration and wing drop) at 3500ft. Definitely improving but still not quite up to CPL standard 100% of the time.

Then it was off to the Sunshine Coast that was sooooo busy. We had to orbit over Caloundra for almost 15 minutes waiting for a clearance and then extend downwind on the new RWY 13 nearly all the way to Mt Cooroy while a 737 landed and another took off. Eventually we were cleared to land and could taxi to the western apron.

After a short break we taxied back out to RWY13 for departure at 1500 ft for Redcliffe via Hazelton for a few practice forced landings without power. These involved pulling the throttle to idle at 2500ft then gliding at best glide speed, going through emergency checks and shutdown procedure, and establishing ourselves on short final on the grass strip, then putting power back on at 500ft and climbing away. They went fairly well but I did pick up a few more hints for fine tuning the approach from Mark, my instructor.

There was so much traffic out. Must have been the good weather. Even at Redcliffe we had four in the circuit when we arrived back.

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