IFR Theory

Bob Tait theory school – IREX exam – private instrument rating

Having completed my Private Pilot Licence in May 2015 based on the Visual Flight Rules (VFR) I’m allowed to fly all round Australia but only during daylight hours and clear of cloud. I must be able to see the ground at all times so that I can navigate by visual references. For the future, though, I want to be more flexible when travelling away from home. If we’re out somewhere and the weather turns bad or the sky is overcast, I’d like to have the option to fly through the cloud to escape to better weather up above and head off somewhere else. I’d also like the option to be able to land after nightfall just in case we’re delayed and the flight takes a bit longer than planned. So I enrolled in an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) theory course at Bob Tait’s Aviation School at Redcliffe.

Bob Tait Classroom

Bob Tait Classroom

Bob is a veteran pilot and originally a science teacher who set up his own flying school decades ago and has taught thousands of budding pilots the theory of flying. This course was a two week one aimed at learning what is required to pass the CASA “IREX” theory exam.  It was a good course covering lots of different aspects of flying by instruments. The theory was largely covered in the first week while the second week was used to work through lots of questions and calculations to make sure the understanding was really there. I decided to do the exam at Archerfield the following Monday 23/11 so that it  would all be fresh in my brain. The strategy worked. I passed with 90%. Now I can start the practical training for the IFR that will lead to my obtaining a Private IFR rating (PIFR). That will happen in Redcliffe again, at the Aero Club.


Break out area next to Bob’s Piper Pacer. His pride and joy.


GPS approach into Mount Gambier airport


Lunchtime. Mug shots of former students on the wall. I did my PPL theory here as well so now have two shots.

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