Grampians reunion

In March 2018 I had a fly-in reunion with two school mates in the Grampians in western Victoria. Russell (aka Akko), Dave (aka Margs) and I hadn’t been in the same place at the same time for over 30 years. The planets aligned as Russell was back in Mt Gambier for a week at the same time as me. We both had two days free so I hired Bob Rowe’s 172 and we flew over to Stawell to visit Dave who has a sheep property and olive grove and cafe nearby ( From Mt Gambier we tracked over Casterton and the Western Districts. Passing over Victoria Valley we headed for Stawell, flew over the town and landed on their great long sealed runway. Dave took us to a cafe in town for lunch and then all three of us climbed aboard for a scenic flight around the Grampians, including a few orbits over the farm and the olive grove. In the evening we went to Ararat for the monthly “Ararat live” concert. It was a guy called Steve Poltz from the US who’d just played at the Pt Fairy Folk Festival. He’s best known for his collaborations with singer Jewel, especially the 1996 single, “You Were Meant for Me”, which he played amongst many more and a lot of improvisations. Very amusing. In the morning we headed over to the Red Rock Cafe for brunch and to stock up on olive oil. Then it was back to the airport for departure. We tracked around the northern end of the Grampians then across to Edenhope, Coonawarra and finally into Mt Gambier with a quick flight over the town and the lakes.

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