First Angel Flight

Archerfield – Tara – IMC – RNAV

My first Angel Flight as PIC was on 5th December 2018. Sigi and I flew IFR from Redcliffe to a little place called Tara, west of Dalby. It was about 50 minutes in MSF.

There was a bit of friendly cumulus on the way over the generally flat landscape.

We landed on their wonderful long sealed strip that really was in the middle of nowhere.

Our two passengers were waiting for us so after a short preflight briefing we took off and took off to Archerfield. Once again it was scattered clouds as we passed Dalby. On the way my private nurse made sure that the passengers felt at ease and were well looked after!

After passing over Oakey we flew the RNAV into Archerfield where we were met by the ground transport volunteer.

Then it was back to Redcliffe VFR.

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