Watts for breakfast, Brisbane and Mary River valleys

Watts Bridge – Brisbane River – Mary River

Sunday February 21, 2021 was another perfect flying day. It was time for the monthly breakfast at Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield and I wanted some more practice for my CPL test so I gathered up a crew and we headed out to Redcliffe and were soon taking off in the ROC, heading west over Dayboro and Lake Samsonvale, then over the hills to Lake Somerset. In 15 minutes we were on the ground and having breakfast with fellow aviators.

After a feed of bacon and eggs, and a cup of tea we wandered up and down the line inspecting the various aircraft.

There was a large variety of planes as usual, including some biplanes. We watched as one was hand cranked by someone who was skilled in the art.

Then it was time to depart again, this time to the north, following the Brisbane River (which meanders its way around Watts Bridge) to its source. The upper reaches are not easy to pick so it was a useful navigation exercise with my crew assisting with spotting duties. Eventually we exhausted the Brisbane River and flew over the hills to the Mary Valley and its lush green pastures.

From there it wasn’t far to Maleny and the rolling hills of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, with the coast in the distance.

We carried on over the Glasshouse Mountains and were soon back at Redcliffe. This really is a great area to fly around.

Our route from Watts Bridge up the Brisbane River Valley and back to Redcliffe

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