First lesson in an SR22

Cirrus – MSF – touring aircraft

On January 17 2018 I had my first lesson in a Cirrus SR22. I’d had a few lessons in an SR20 in 2015 to experience how low wing compares with a high wing (Cessna) with Adam Starr at Flight One in Archerfield. The SR20 is only really suitable for training and short distances while the SR22 is the big brother, with a larger engine and better payload and endurance. Mike Cahill flew me over to Archerfield in his SR22 to meet up with Adam. I flew with Adam to the training area over South Stradbroke where we climbed to 3000 feet to do some steep turns, stalls and practice engine failures. Then it was back to Archerfield for a few circuits. Mike then flew us back to Redcliffe. The Cirrus is a very good aircraft to fly, with a side stick (ala Airbus) as opposed to the yoke in the Cessna, and cruises at about 165 knots and can carry four adults (including pilot) plus bags. This compares with 130 knots and 3 adults in ROC the Cessna 182 so, with 2 GPSs and autopilot, it’s a good option for touring.

And for those who were fans of the Flying Doctors TV series of the 90s you may notice that the call sign (Mike Sierra Foxtrot) is the same as the Nomad aircraft that featured in the series. The Nomad was built at the Government Aircraft Factory at Fishermens Bend in Melbourne. Dad took me there one time we were in Melbourne when I was a teenager. I once flew in one from Newcastle to Sydney. It was like flying in a shipping container with wings! The Cirrus is definitely a better way to fly.

Flying back to Redcliffe

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